Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winter Breakfast

You can only delude yourself that winter is coming for so long. Pretty much until the first snow... when you find yourself super-sliding down the sidewalk. If anyone has a winter boot suggestion, I'm looking, and so for no luck. Please note: I'm too old to wear lace-ups, so slip-on suggestions only, thank-you.

Now that it's crap out, sun or no sun, I'm into the oatmeal. Just a point of clarification – if your "oatmeal" takes 2 minutes, or worse, you just have to add hot water... it's not oatmeal. It has to be punished in boiling water for 25 minutes to qualify as oatmeal. Would you eat instant pasta? I didn't think so.

Because oatmeal is pretty much inedible on its own, we've stocked up with a seasons worth of frozen blueberries from Herrle's. Barring any freezer malfunction, I'm good until spring. This morning I added a dollop of everyone's favorite – black cherry yogurt.

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