Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unpronounceably Delicious

An old friend was in town to screen her documentary film Died Young Stayed Pretty - A Movie About Rock Posters. If you appreciate gig posters and graphic design, this documentary is for you.

To celebrate, we went to Teronni on Queen for dinner. I had my favorite – Orecchiette with Lamb Ragù. It was excellent... as usual. I'm including a photo of the dessert because it was a daily special. I can't remember the exact name, that even our gracious server was unable to pronounce. It was something like Gurajtadah, or Glabjihatzflap... regardless, it was a dense, flourless, hazelnut chocolate cake, accompanied by a dollop of whipped creme. F*ck it was good.

**Update** Prosecco has schooled me in Italian, the dessert was called Gianduja. I still can't pronounce it, but now at least I know what it is.

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