Thursday, November 13, 2008

Elizabeth's Crispy Cheese Burger with Garlicky Garlic Fries

The best places are usually found when you're lost, wandering around, not really looking for anything. As we wandered by Elizabeth, on Elizabeth Street, I peeked at their menu. Instantly, I knew where we were going for dinner. I also wondered if this was an opportunity to de-throne the legendary burger that Fusilli and Manchego love to reminisce about.

While I'd love to say this was the best burger I've ever had... it wasn't. I'm still putting my vote behind the Animal Style. I will give the potato wedges full marks. I'm partial to traditional fries, but their garlicky garlic fries were awesome. 

It's hard to tell from the picture, but this burger is huge! I tried and failed to pick it up with my hands. Only C. was able to manage this beast. Props to his burger strategy which involved tackling the crispy cheese, sticking out all the way around, before devouring the centre. In fact, C. was the only one able to eat the whole thing... a theme repeated through out the week. It's always the skinny ones who can pack it away. Respect.

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