Friday, November 14, 2008

Pearl Oyster Bar

It's hard to visit NYC and not end up at the same places you always go. I guess it's no different than being at home, you like what you like. I really like Pearl Oyster Bar, even when I have to line up. They're totally cool about getting you a drink while you wait, or taking your name so you can go for a walk before dinner. This time, when we arrived, we were whisked to a table at the back without waiting. First time ever!

We also found out shortly after arriving that Tyra had been there the night before... at the table right next to ours! We all lamented a missed opportunity to smile at her with our eyes. Although, if you've seen my passport photo, I "attempted" the eye smile and I look psychotic and constipated. Probably best we missed her.

We started with Oysters, but we were really there for the lobster rolls. I was a bit worried that we had over sold it to Prosecco and C. – the phrase "life changing" isn't often associated with lobster rolls. I'll leave it to Prosecco to comment how it lived up to expectation.

I've also included a picture of the chocolate sundae Prosecco ordered. For some reason P. was unable to finish her roll, but had room for a sundae. I'm not complaining, we all helped finish the lobster roll and then got a taste of dessert. Bonus.

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