Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Breakfast Bellini

I opened the fridge Saturday morning, and to my surprise, there was an open bottle of Prosecco next to the OJ. It was a magical moment... I swear I heard a bell.

Before I could reach for the bottle my voice of reason reminded me that it was 10am.  I thought about if for a moment, but I felt since it was Saturday, my VOR should eff-off.

Technically this is not a Bellini, but it's what I had in mind. Cheers!

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Cupcake said...

You told your inner voice to f-off. Hilarious. Prosecco is good ANY time of the day... Here's a champagne for you to try...Besserat de Bellefon...pink, bubbly and yummy. It's $25.99 here so it may be double in T-Town. http://www.besseratdebellefon.com/