Sunday, December 7, 2008

3 Day Weekend Birthday

Last month I celebrated my birthday...for 3 days.  Unfortunately, Daniel Craig did not make an appearance in person, only in magazine form *sigh*.

Friday:  For a pre-birthday celebration my friend Nidhi and I went to The Bristol for dinner. The food there is fantastic and I can't wait to go back and have what Nidhi had for dinner that night!  Order the Monkey Bread Pull Apart with Dill Butter and Sea Salt to start. Nidhi had the Grilled Skirt Steak with Blue Cheese Ravioli (YUM) and I had the Grilled Salmon with Garlic Almond Sauce and Grapes (Also YUM).  We then wandered down Damen Ave. to duchamp (formerly Meritage Wine Cafe) for a cocktail and then down to Lemmings for a nightcap. Perfect pre-birthday eat/pub crawl through Bucktown.

Saturday:  For my actual birthday my sister-in-law, Julie, drove in from Indiana to take me out to dinner.  We started the afternoon at Macy's on State Street.  That Saturday Macy's revealed this year's Christmas store window displays and had put up the 150th Anniversary Christmas tree in The Walnut Room.  The theme this year is "Believe" featuring FAO Schwartz toys.  We gazed at the tree from the wine bar where we each enjoyed a glass of Prosecco and shared a chocolate flight.  Yum!  We then headed back to Bucktown to Hot Chocolate.  Dinner was delicious...though I can't think of what we had for the savory part of the meal since the dessert blocked it out:  A Study in Chocolate Cake.  

Sunday:  I met my friends Tyllie and Kari at bin wine cafe in, yes, Bucktown again.  Coffee, various flavors of Mimosas and brunch...yum.  We then went to Mandy B's and got 2 cupcakes me one is not enough...esp. on your birthday weekend. 

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