Saturday, June 13, 2009

Good Times at Medieval Times

I'm not sure how it happened, but last night I wore a paper crown and ate with my hands while horses danced, a falcon flew overhead and knights battled. If that sounds like your kinda party, you should head over to Medieval Times.

Medieval Times is something I've (un)consciously avoided for years, the same way I avoid parades or any event where I might see a clown. I can't help feeling self-conscious, imagining I lost a bet, and that I'm the one in a crazy costume pretending to be stuck in an invisible box. All personal issues aside, Medieval Times is a pretty good time. You're encouraged to drink and shout as loud as you like. I didn't see anyone throw a half-eaten chicken leg over their shoulder, but I don't think anyone would care either.

If you take away the weird story line and accept that your having a vaguely 70's potluck dinner, you'll can really enjoy the rest of it. There's an amazing horse that dances... seriously he was cutting loose. A falcon flies around the audience, whizzing right over your head, while the King rightly suggests that no one should stand up, wave their arms or make eye contact. There's jousting, sword fighting and lots of horsey action.

My only suggestion for improving the experience would be an epic battle at the end that includes the audience. Everyone's all riled up on beer and chicken anyway.


Manchego said...

Broccoli, as long as I've known you, you've been going to Medieval Times. Geez, I hope you aren't starting again, you were there 4 nights a week for years.

Cupcake said...


Lois Kim said...

This is so wrong. Did you take the Dufferin bus there?