Sunday, June 28, 2009

Summer in Chicago: BBQs, Poolside and Good Friends

Summer has finally arrived in Chicago. It's just now warm and I usually know summer is here when the invites for lazy afternoon BBQs start, friends living in high-rises with pools call with an invite and it's really summer when The Taste of Chicago takes over Grant Park. Last weekend I was in Logan Square at Matt and Mary's for a fabulous lazy Sunday afternoon BBQ. We drank Blackberry Izzes with Absolut Vodka, grilled veggies, steaks and grouper from Whole Foods (see above photos) and dove into some yummy Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert. We also played a nice 2 out of 3 rounds of Bocce Ball, with the ladies victorious over the men 2 games to 3...woohoo.

Some of last week's and this week's highlights of dining sans camera have included: The Taste of Randolph last weekend with my West Loop friends; Friday night of this weekend, A new-to-me spot (and probably a new favorite): Old Oak Tap in West Town (how can you go wrong with a 75 person patio out front, a gorgeous interior space and of course excellent food?!) and on Saturday night an old favorite, Adobo Grill in Old Town for made-by-the-table-fresh-guacamole, straight-up margaritas (freshly made too) and yummy small plate recommends by a fabulous waitstaff.

This afternoon's highlight: A trip to a friend's high-rise pool to enjoy the summer sun. Summer is here!

Need a soundtrack for your summer dining adventures? Check out my winning playlist and get some great fashion insight!

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