Saturday, June 20, 2009

Tuna Taco

Did I say that? I meant Tilapia.

Last year, my mom subscribed me to a magazine called 'nutrition alert' and they've been piling up around my house, neglected until today as I ironically procrastinated from going for a run.

After glimpsing at their view on the horrors of eating red meat I felt like I should be eating fish tonight which resulted in some delicious fish tacos. The two picts of the tasty tender morsels show the tilapia done two ways, one healthily broiled in my toaster oven with minced garlic and lime juice (6 minutes), the other is the less healthy cornmeal rolled and fried in canola oil version (2 min a side). The broiled ones were way tastier, do that and its much healthier, no oil. I warmed corn tortillas that were in my freezer in the oven, made some creama by puree-ing lots of cilantro, some zero fat white yogurt, lime juice, a jalapeno and a garlic clove. On the side I diced up avocado, tomato, more cilantro and green onion with lime juice into a salsa and grated some red cabbage.

Dropped the fish on the tortilla, poured on the crema, topped with salsa, poured a glass, and gobbled down these tasty bitches.

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