Thursday, June 25, 2009

Vancouver Rodneys

5pm snack of oysters..

Wheat beer.

Haida gwai candy, like beef jerky for salmon cured in maple syrup and served with red pepper jelly on the side.



What a find, right under my hotel hotel. This is cool, but I'm a real idiot. I went to facebook yesterday in palo alto to their new office and ate in their cafeteria and didn't take a pic. Listen, they stole the top google chef, they cook 4 times a day for al 900 employees, its free, and everyone votes on dishes online and the chefs review with laptop in hand and make the day's menu. Yesterday I ate duck confit casserole topped with duck skin chips, they also had available poached salmon, some delicious riccotta stuffed tomato, manchego, chorizo, sundried pizza and I would remember if I took pictures and super delicious dessert pastries.

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