Monday, June 8, 2009

Virgin, no virgin

Now equipped with my shit, a curve 9600, I'm back. Having to physically type in a url and login to post, transfer pictures was just too much for me, analogous to the pain of paying a bill by mail. I *should really put on my drunk filter with this new power but I want to hear the high pitched voice of broccolli reprimand me.

This is an airport lounge. Virgin.... Charcuterie, sushi, cheeses, fresh bread, vodka, pina colada mix. Woa.


Lois Kim said...

Welcome back, dude.

Broccoli said...

Hey, no bear baiting!

How about more details and less swearing. Where is this magical lounge located? LA? London?

Don't forget to swing by the Algarve if you're in the neighborhood.

Cupcake said...

How many Loonies or Toonies is that in the swear jar Broccoli? Love it.