Sunday, June 7, 2009

Cottage Barbeque

This was our first barbeque of the season, and our first visit to the cottage this year. In honor of the occasion we did an old favorite – flank steak with grilled corn. Apologies for the picture, it really did taste much better than it looks.

One Tired Monkey

Monte cristo partied too hard, and then passed out from exhaustion. Three solid hours of swimming for the ball made him one tired monkey. Of course, being a double water dog (retriever + poodle), if I'd suggested more swimming and ball he'd have jumped up and ran straight for the water.

Rainy Sunday on Lake Kashagawigamog

It never rains (almost) when we go on vacation, but it always rains on a cottage weekend. After the rain cleared this morning, I took a few pics of how calm the lake was looking across the bay.

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