Monday, June 1, 2009

Love and ingredients

I happen to think that there are two fundamental elements that make prepared food taste extra good:

1. Exceptional ingredients

Okay, I did make these baby cupcakes with love (and who doesn't love to devour a good cupcake?), but there was a special ingredient that made these chocolate cupcakes extra special: a dark red cocoa powder from Soma gifted to me by my thoughtful and lovely roomie, Bo. The end result? A scrumptious, glossy, almost black chocolate cupcake that was moist, light as a cloud, and had the deepest dark chocolatey flavour that you just can't get from a can of Hershey's or Fry's. I made the frosting with the Soma cocoa as well, and you guessed it- fantastic. Unfortunately, I was in such a rush to take these babies to their final destination that I didn't get a pic of them in their final frosted splendour, but I'm sure you're drooling checking out the pre-frosting pics. Oh, and I know you'll be wanting to make these yourself very soon, so here's the best and easiest chocolate (cup)cake recipe ever.


Cupcake said...

Can you mail one or ten of 'em to Chicago? ;o)


so beautiful!