Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TGI[C]F - October 10 @ 10am

We've had two pseudo Cookie Fridays, but this is the first *official* one (I even branded it!). Here's how it works: Every Friday this month until I leave for New York on October 31, I'll be selling freshly baked cookies for $2 a piece. Proceeds to go toward funding my NY marathon trip (entry number 321783!). This week's flavour: oatmeal blueberry. Quantities limited, BYOM(ilk). Look forward to seeing you this Friday!

{UPDATE} Here's the first review of the preview:
Visually appealing. Nicely browned on the outside, fading to a luscious gold in the middle, with hits of royal blue from the blueberries. The first taste created a perfect bite shape – a testament to the cookie dough that baked to a crispy, yet yielding finish. The mouth feel is a nice combination of crunchy and soft, with the oatmeal and dough offering two distinct pleasures. Not an overwhelming blueberry flavour, much more oatmeal and caramel... but with a hint of satisfaction that the anti-oxidants are making me healthier with each bite. Solid!


Cupcake said...

I am soooo JEALOUS of Cookie Friday (cute logo!) Your colleagues don't know how lucky they are!

Lois Kim said...

Wish you were here, cupcake!!

Cupcake said...

Me too Prosecco! I need a visit to Oh, Canada.