Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cookie Friday: The double whammy birthday edition

You asked for it. The runner-up cookie from last week's poll was milk chocolate almond and that's what you're getting this Friday. However! In lieu of my cookie taster / guinea pig Broccoli's birthday, a special edition cookie will also be making an appearance. There will be no Cookie Friday for the next two weeks because I'll be in New York running that marathon!! Thanks everyone for your support. See you this Friday after 10am. Quantities limited.


Broccoli says:
There were very few votes for the espresso banana cookie in our recent poll. Shout out to Donna, who cast the single vote. I guess most people haven't tried a Banana Latte – my inspiration for this flavour combo. Since it's my b-day, Prosecco was kind enough to make them, along with milk chocolate almond cookies.

I have to say the end result was much more subtle than I would have thought. The oatmeal held it together and added a nice texture. Overall, it was chewy, soft and buttery. The banana became caramel and the espresso was a quiet undertone. Bravo!

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