Monday, October 13, 2008

I heart Terroni

When I first moved to Toronto four years ago, one of the first places Broccoli advised me to eat at was Terroni on Queen West. Now, all my out-of-town guests get taken there, dates have taken me there, I've randomly met up with friends I haven't seen in ages there… And the thing is, the wait staff are so apathetic and could really give a shit about you, but you can't help but go back because the food just tastes soooo good. This time, I had the usual Funghi Assoluti (breaded oyster mushrooms + arugula + balsamic reduction), which my roommate and I swear contains drugs, it's that addictive. Next up was the Don Corrado pizza, a white pizza with potato, rosemary, and hot italian sausage. Then the four of us shared the signature chocolate lava cake and the chocolate lemon ricotta cake. I think we achieved the goal we set for ourselves at the beginning of the night where we said we'd order something from each page of the menu.

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