Sunday, October 19, 2008

Chilly Chili

It finally got cold enough in Chicago for me to start wanting soup.  So yesterday I went to the store and grabbed everything I needed to make my Mom's chili recipe.  She sent it to me over email a LONG time ago.  So the printed version I have has all kinds of spills and stains on it from me making the chili every fall and winter.  Why does chili always taste better with corn muffins? And for me it's not the swanky gourmet kind made from scratch, but the Jiffy corn muffin mix in a box for 35 cents from the store.  I love the design on the box and that it still costs under 50 cents! I made this on Saturday afternoon and made enough to last me through this next chilly week.

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Lois Kim said...

you're totally inspiring me to make chili, yours looks so cosy and delicious. especially with the corn muffins! can't have chili without the cornbread! delish.