Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Versus: Orechiette Carbonara

The second versus challenge. This time, Orechiette Carbonara, a fast and delicious weeknight meal.

First up, Broccoli: I wanted to green this dish to offset my feelings of carb-guilt. I puréed spinach to create a pesto that I cooked quickly before adding the pasta and egg mixture to combine. I ended up making way too much, but I ate it anyway so I guess I wasn't feeling that guilty after-all. : )

Next up, Prosecco: Although the original recipe called for leeks, I chose to skip them as I'm not a fan. But like my colleague, Broccoli, I needed to bring some green to this dish so I wilted about a cup and a half of arugula in the pan the bacon was cooked in. The best part was eating the 'little ears' that had bacon stuck inside them. Bacon makes everything better.

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