Friday, March 14, 2008

Bachelor spinach salad

Sometimes you have to make due with eating left-overs alone. That's not an excuse to eat from the pot, standing at the sink. For example, try a nice spinach salad with last night's grilled chicken and some extra feta. Finish with an olive oil, hazelnut oil, sherry vinegar and lemon juice dressing and voila! Bachelor spinach salad.

To lighten the mood, add Pascual Toso – Malbec 2006.

And finish off with a truffle from Soma Chocolate. This one is called "Arbequina" estate Olive oil. It's filled with an earthy tasting ganache that says "I'm eating alone, and I'm not sharing."

1 comment:

KDS said...

My boyfriend's idea of Bachelor Spinach Salad? Taco Bell, with some Dr. Pepper to lighten the mood.