Monday, March 24, 2008

Como se dice Spanish Spinach Tomato Pizza

So my Tapas book is still opened on the counter from last night's almond-orgy and the next flip takes me to Spanish Spinach & Tomato Pizzas. They look very tasty in the picture but they also require baking my own little circles of bread which I can accomplish instantly by pulling out a few whole wheat pitas from the fridge. I gave the pitas a little bake in the oven to get them slightly crispy after brushing them with oil, then dropped on the mixture of tomatoes, onion, garlic and spinach. The mixture = one onion finely chopped fried in a little bit of oil for 5 minutes until soft but not browned, then one garlic clove for 30 seconds, then drop in a bunch of chopped tomatoes (i just strained a can of Edens organic canned tomatoes which are good because of low sodium content since they preserve in seaweed instead of salt) and let cook for about 5 ish minutes until most of the juice has bubbled away, then throw in a lot of baby spinach and stir it in until its all wilted into the mixture then salt and pepper it to taste). After you put the mixture on top of the pitas, top with pine nuts and drizzle a little olive oil and brush the sides of the pitas too. Push that into the oven for 15 minutes around 375. Kind of healthy, pizzaish but only because you eat it that way, no cheese, tasty, and you can taste the spinach. .

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Lois Kim said...

Dude, that looks delissioso. I also enjoy your Caravaggio-style photographs.