Friday, January 23, 2009

Rock, Paper, Scissors & Go Fish

Last night I dined on a carefully seasoned filet of tilapia on a bed of mache and sunflower seeds. Broccoli and Fusilli introduced me to the ever delicious combo of mache and sunflower seeds in Vegas and I just cannot get enough of it! The "bed" of mache ended up being more of a king size bed of mache compared to the size of tilapia.  But I've been having one too many nights of comfort food since getting laid off I thought I should make up for that.  The wine is a Chardonnay from Roshambo Winery.  I found it at a cheap price at Cost Plus World Market (whom has NEVER carried this wine, ever) back in October of last year.  After going to their web site to link it up for this post, I now realize it was a cheap price because they redesigned their packaging!  The Chardonnay was decent, but I prefer the Merlot.  The Merlot has a great flavor and goes down way to easily.  If you're looking to buy some Roshambo wine in Chicago, the only spot I've found it at is at Goddess & Grocer and only the Merlot.

Tonight for dinner I'll be dining at the Art Institute of Chicago.  It's their After Dark series and tonight's theme:  After Dark:  Return of the Impressionists.  It's $20 for a night of free cocktails and appetizers.  A Recessionista's dinner of champions.

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