Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grouper with Spinach and Mash

Coming back from vacation is brutal, especially when the transition is from warm waves and pink sand to the eternal twilight of winter. I looked out my window Saturday morning and this is what I saw... is it day or night? WTF! I'm ready to sell an organ to get out of here again.

The only thing we could do is try to recapture a little vacation magic, so we suited up and headed off to the market. I wanted Grouper or something to remind me of the fresh fish we had everyday on va-cay. I also wanted to get the secret ingredients to make... you guessed it Piña Coladas!

Fusili made a delicious reduction of soy, lime juice, honey and ginger. It went perfectly with the pan seared Grouper, spinach and mashed potatoes. Grouper kinda tastes like chicken.

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