Sunday, January 11, 2009

No Special Occasion

This bottle of Amarone has waited patiently for six years (ten if you count from the date it was bottled) for a "special occasion" since we (Fusili, Manchego and I) brought it home from Verona in 2002. I suggested recently that we should stop waiting for something to celebrate and just enjoy it now. So recently we got together, made a nice meal, and opened the bottle. I won't even try to describe the flavour, except to say that it was incredible.

The image above shows Manchego's skill in replicating the cork technique we witnessed in Verona at Bottega Del Vino. Each bottle was opened so the foil could hold the cork - classy! A splash of wine was poured into the first glass, swirled, poured into the next glass, and repeated until each glass had been cleaned. This technique removes any residue from the glass and prepares it for the wine – it's an amazing ritual to witness.

The image below shows the entrance to the bottega – an unassuming facade that hides one of the most amazing restaurants I've ever visited. Inset is an image of the original bottle we had with dinner that night. To see the interior, check out these panoramas on their site.

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