Saturday, August 30, 2008

Animal Style

I've heard so many stories about IN-N-OUT Burger that I was skeptical it could live up to the hype. After all, it's fast food... how good can it really be?

First, let me say I'm a person who appreciates simplicity. So, when I walked in the door, I was amazed to find a super clean white interior. Not exactly high-design, but not McD's either.

Second, the menu has three items. Seriously. You order a one, two or three. A cab driver from the night before gave us the low-down on the secret menu (not so secret) that allows variations on the three. His description of Animal Style really tweaked my interest, and so Fusilli, Cupcake and I decided we should all have the same... the number two – animal style.

This may be the best burger I've ever had. A soft bun, crispy lettuce, tomato, pickles, grilled onions, "sauce", cheese and a mustard cooked patty. I'm not sure what "mustard cooked" means, but it was awesome. It was hot and cold, soft and crunchy, sweet and sour – all at the same time. As a bonus, it comes ready to eat, with the wrapper peeled back, smiling up at you. I don't recommend getting this as take-out. It deserves to be enjoyed immediately.

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KDS said...

my boyfriend and i dated long distance from l.a. to chicago for two years, and every time he'd be on the phone with me while ordering In-N-Out, i'd yell "ANIMAL STYLE!" even though I know he'd never order it with the onions.

those are some fine burgers they make over there.