Monday, August 4, 2008

Fichi in an abandoned village

About an hour away from Siderno is an abandoned medieval village called Pentadatillo (translation: five fingers) because the little peaks of the mountain on which this village once existed look like fingers. During the 1950s, the side of the mountain started to erode and the homes began to crumble, so everyone left and eventually established a new village just a couple of kms away near the base of the mountain. We were curious to see the remains of the village, plus we'd heard a rumour that a hermit still lived there so we took a road trip. While walking among the ruins, C all of a sudden jumps a fence and comes back with… fresh fichi (figs)! You knew there had to be food mixed into this story somewhere, right? Conclusion: the village is now undergoing restoration and the prices for the current broken-down shacks are going up (50 000 euro!), the hermit made his living as a musician but passed away a couple of years ago, and the figs are sweet and abundant in Pentadatillo.

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Cupcake said...

The abandoned village looks like movie set! Like from Indiana Jones or something! How amazing!!