Thursday, August 21, 2008

The chocolate chip cookie update

Broccoli and I have been anxiously waiting for Friday to show up because it's the day we're having these cookies for breakfast! I'm posting right now as I wait for the next batch to finish baking and I have to say. I'm in love. With these cookies. My roomie and I had a tasting from the first batch that cooled and we both agreed that the cookies are crispy but light, chewy but not heavy. There is a lovely carameliness, which I could smell even at the batter stage and the sea salt really brought out the flavour of the dark chocolate. Roommate advises chasing it with milk instead of coffee because she thinks the acidity of the coffee would over-power the subtleties of the cookie. She also just called out to me from the kitchen that she recommends cow milk of a lower fat percentage, such as skim or 1%. hah! If you happen to be around 37 Front Street east tomorrow morning around 10am, stop by with a toonie and maybe we'll spare you one of these gems! ;-)

As a final footnote, these cookies contain Callebaut dark chocolate wafers and are sprinkled with sea salt from Sicily.


Cupcake said...

I'm so jealous! Those look gorgeous...I want to bite into that image! I can't wait to try the recipe... You kit-kats are so lucky!

Lois Kim said...

Hey Sugar! We're sending some to Vegas via Broccoli!!