Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ceili Cottage

There's a great new patio on Queen, out in the east end—Ceili Cottage. It's worth a visit if you like eating oysters, drinking beer and sitting outside. We got there early on Saturday to avoid the line up and secure a good seat. My plan was basically to camp there until they asked me politely to leave. In then end we cleared out before last call... six hours was plenty of patio time for me.

The menu has a few excellent platters for sharing, like the one shown here—the Berkshire platter with beets, cabbage, soda bread and dijon mustard. We also tried the peat smoked salmon platter twice, a platter of oysters, a bowl of mussels and the buried treasure (mac & cheese with sausage. What? We were there for six hours... that's not a lot of food when you spread it out.

FYI—they are having an oyster eating contest. Best time eating 20 oysters wins a trip to Ireland with Patrick, the owner.

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