Monday, August 3, 2009

Last Chance Vacation

I'm officially starting a new tradition! Anytime I make any big changes in my life, in this case a new job, I'm going to take a vacation. It doesn't have to be far away, or even for a long time, I just need a change—a taste of something new, a break to que up the next chapter.

We had plans to try new restaurants, rather than visiting past favorites, but a failed outing on the first night change all that. I can accept the folly of trying to find a secret restaurant, but Time Out could have at least included the correct address in their listing... perhaps that's how they keep it secret. Next time I'll find you Kyo Ya!

First on the list of favorites is the 100 year old Barney Greengrass. I've never had a bad meal, or a friendly waiter, and that's just how I like it. Where else would a waiter ask a table of four "Everyone having coffee raise your hand. Ok, now raise your hand if you want orange juice." It's awesome to watch a professional at work.

I always look at the menu intently before ordering the usual: Scrambled eggs with a side of sturgeon & smoked salmon, a sesame bagel, coffee and fresh squeezed o.j. After finishing the entire thing I'm stuffed and ready to walk for hours without rest.

Lupa and their magic prosciutto. This time we tried the sample platter of veggies: Beets with pistachio sauce, grilled zucchini and peppers, summer beans with pecorino, mixed olives, corn and broccoli rabe with ricotta. Voted the best meal to eat while killing time before heading to the airport.

Cafe Ino for bellinis and bruschetta. Perfect, tiny and bubbly.

When we couldn't find Kyo Ya, we went to plan B – a new wine bar called Terroir. When plan B fell flat due to lack of seating, we went next door to Hearth. Later we realized the striking similarity wasn't coincidental... same owner. Ding!

They had a fava bean tasting menu—so I was happy. They kindly allowed us to sample the first course, a fava bean and pecorino salad sitting on delicious grilled bread.

Next a smoked trout salad with avocado.

We made it to the beautifully restored Guggenhiem just before the torrential rain started. The show: Frank Llyod Wright: From Within Outward, featured select drawings and models from Frank Lloyd Wrights' long career. Sadly many of the projects featured were never built, or were built and then demolished. Highlights included many drawings detailing 10 years of planning to create the final design for the museum, including a scale model. The original plans for falling water and his studio—Taliesin in Arizona. See a preview of the show here.

My favorite: The old phone booths on the main floor.

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Anonymous said...

Lupa is amazing!! The bavette blew our minds!

Next time Kyo-Ya

ethan & ondina