Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pizza al Prosciutto

Many thanks to Broccoli and Fusilli for helping us to satisfy a hankerin' for recreating an Italian pizza experience. They were kind enough to advise me that Vincenzo's in town has pre-made dough and great sauce, thereby saving us hours of toil in the kitchen, hours that could be much better used enjoying a few glasses of wine on the deck...

The first attempt was a little sketchy cause I couldn't move the pizza from the cutting board to the hot pizza stone in the oven without mangling the ingredients or tearing the dough. Turns out the second attempt wasn't any better. Tonight however I learned that a 'simple' snap of the wrist is the trick.

The end result: The closest experience we can get to great Italian pizza without hopping on a flight to Rome...

Next Steps: Get one of these on the BBQ.

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