Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Reusable totes are everywhere. Recently, I've been using them more and more because retailers will give you some kind of discount or incentive when you use a reusable tote, even if it's not theirs. Here are two that I know of: Whole Foods will give you money off on your groceries and Trader Joe's will enter you into their twice-monthly raffle for a $25 shopping spree. I've got a variety of reusable totes at home, but at the beginning of March, I couldn't resist buying 2 of the reusable totes from the Orla Kiely for Target product line (which now is pretty much sold out of everything online and in-stores).
At only $1.99 each, I've gotten more than my money's worth and a number of compliments from complete strangers. I love this bag, not only because it's from my favorite designer of everything, Orla Kiely, but because it folds down so well and to a nice compact size. In the past I've been seen in public(!) struggling to fold other reusable totes back into their origami-like shape and would just give up and shove it (mangled) into my purse. 

Today, while reading Graphic Design USA and trying to stay on top of my industry's news, I read an article about Willoughby Design's reusable bags.  They look very handy and great for the upcoming Farmer's Market season in Chicago. Maybe I like them more what they've named some of the bags: "bagnanas", "carrotall", "totematoes" and my favorite "artitote". You can read more and buy them here.  Happy shopping.

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Lois Kim said...

So stylish. I love how small it folds down to. Now that's how you carry groceries!