Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Some of our hungry loyal readers have been asking us about Hank's since Broccoli and I grabbed lunch there twice this week. Although I did have 2 bad experiences at 9 1/2 Church street previously, this week scored 2 for 2. I wish I could give you a taste of the hearty Moroccan lamb stew I had today. Instead, here's a peek inside our local lunch hangout.


Broccoli said...

Love the Hank's, love the Samiches!

The also know how to make an Americano... with love, and not too much water.

Lois Kim said...

All food should be made with love.

Cupcake said...

Prosecco! Thanks for the pics of Hank's! That dessert counter looks amazing. If I was still working there...that would be my 3:30 pm coffee & dessert spot!