Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt!

When I rolled into the 'Loo on Friday morning, I found Monte & Fusilli had been enlisted to help in hiding a HUGE number of "eggs" for the neighborhood egg hunt. How many is a HUGE number? Ummm, 600+ plastic eggs that had been filled with toys, candy and things. That afternoon, over 20 kids showed up to root around the yard, scooping up plastic eggs like wild monkeys.

Here's a pick of one tiny spot that was specially prepared for the younglings who were too small to be climbing around in the bush. Can you guess how many eggs are in this one picture? Click on the image to see a large pic. When you're ready for the answer, continue reading to see a picture showing the location of all the eggs. Enjoy.

There are 19 eggs in this picture.

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Lois Kim said...

Monte was enlisted to help hide Easter eggs too, eh? LOL!