Friday, April 10, 2009

Dunlay's On the Square: $5 Burger Night

Wednesday afternoon I headed over to Logan Square to meet my friend Mary (another graphic designer currently freelancing from home too) for a late afternoon movie and cheap dinner at Dunlay's On the Square. I've been to the other locations of Dunlay's in Lincoln Park: D.O.C. Wine Bar and Dunlay's on Clark...all locations are excellent foodwise AND in atmosphere! Dunlay's, like most restaurants in Chicago right now, are having daily specials to get the customers in the door. Wednesday night is $5 burger night. Perfect for those of us on v. tight budgets! This was actually my second trip to Dunlay's this week. Monday night Mary, Julie (another casualty of the economy) and I met there to catch up on jobs and networking. Monday night was $5 pours and 1/2 price wine night. Nice! I also dined on an appetizer, the Barbecued Pork Wraps...YUM!  Next week I hope to try the Spaghetti Bowl night at A Mano or their $5 pizza night. Either night should provide me with plenty of leftovers!

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Anonymous said...

Fortunately for Logan Square, Dunlays has had this special since it opened in Logan Square, not just as a result of the current economy. Well, first it was half price burgers, and now it's slightly more at $5 burgers. Still worth checking out.