Monday, February 9, 2009

Coppa as explained by C

This sandwich is not for the faint of heart… I told Prosecco to follow my instructions and construct this panino. The star of the show is underneath the avocado; coppa made by the hands of Uncle Lou. Coppa is basically Italian for headcheese. A gelatinous concoction made from boiling various parts of a pig's head. That's all I can tell you. The only thing left to add is that it tastes *fantastic*. And that's the bottom line.


z3ro said...

WOAH! That thing is huge. I was really excited when I read the head cheese part. Because i thought it had to do with cheese. I kind of don't want to know. But will research it in my spare time. Meat or no meat it looks lovely and delicious.

Broccoli said...

Mmmm pig parts. Seriously, it was good and the Copa/Avocado pairing was delicious. If only we had a panini press at the office – heaven.

Lois Kim said...

And an espresso machine too, please?