Monday, May 5, 2008

No-knead walnut bread

Michael and I had an argument at work one day about how stress relieving it is to knead bread dough. Not for me! The idea of yeast as an organism growing and multiplying and the fussy complexities of it cause me kitchen anxiety. So when I found this recipe, I was totally on the NO-KNEAD bread bandwagon. The version I made is a walnut no-knead bread and I toasted the walnuts before throwing them in to bring out the oils and flavour. I like bread dough that's independent and can just do its own thing without any micro-management but this recipe takes almost 24 hours from start to finish so I usually make this quicker no-knead bread now. Equally simple, faster, and with the same crispy, shattery outer crumb and hole-y moist inside. So if you're feeling stressed, breathe in deeply the home-y smell of freshly baking bread.

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