Saturday, May 17, 2008

"baso de vino tinto y pincho de Chipiron con mue sabor en nueva york"

"glass of red wine and a small plate of flavorful baby squid in new york"

I totally get how chinese and vietnamese restaurant have english menu items like 'sliced ass beef'.

I don't know where I was going with that but anyway, I was in Manhattan waiting for Julie and Mike to fly in for an anticipated NYC dinner at Casellula, and I passed the time with a pre-dinner snack and wine at the Boqueria. Boqueria is my favorite neighborhood tapas restaurant in NYC on 19th and 6th for a pre-dinner multi-glass-of-spanish-red and and a necessary-plate-of-serano-ham-w/crostini and the most delicious-and-tender-baby-squids. The squid is a must try, it will change your outlook on calamari, super tender and tasty with a light olive tapenade. I now totally get the pre-dinner snackn'wine and how necessary it is.

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