Tuesday, March 10, 2009


That's the name of the farm that this delectable organic chicken came from- Hallelujah Farms. The name kinda cracks me up because back in my youth group days in Edmonton, I knew a girl whose parents owned a dental lab called Hallelujah Dental Laboratory, so when I saw this chicken, it made me think that this is a farm that could have been owned by them… But I digress.

I made this roast chicken dinner for C because I'd lost a best of three game of Memory and we agreed that the winner would decide what dinner they wanted and the loser would have to prepare it. And what a chicken it was… tender, sweet, juicy meat… I hadn't made or eaten a roast chicken in awhile but this one was a damn good one. And on the side? Braised red cabbage & apple and a potato + kale purée. To drink- an inexpensive Sangiovese- the blood of Jove. I should also mention that C made an artichoke parmigiano dip that we had with spelt flatbread, while the chicken was resting. And even though there were traces of mayonnaise in it, it was savoury and delicious and difficult to stop eating.

Next time, I hope I win the best of three Memory challenge, because I've got a hankering for osso buco with polenta!

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