Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vinaigre de Banyuls

Every salad deserves a great dressing, and that calls for Banyuls. We were introduced to this vinegar one afternoon while catching a break at La Cremerie in Paris. Since then it's been a fixture in our pantry, and a challenge to keep it in stock.

Thankfully, we have our hook-up, Karen, in Paris, and a standing order with anyone visiting France – don't come back without a bottle of Banyuls.

For a long time I thought Banyuls was the brand name, but Google tells me it a type of fortified wine made from Granache noir, Grenache gris and a minor amount of Carignane grape. The vinegar is made by aging the wine in oak casks for five years. Thanks Google.

The bottle pictured was recently delivered by Karen (THANKS!) and has been making some tasty dressings! I believe you can buy it here... or take the difference and pick it up in person.

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