Friday, September 19, 2008

Timbits are for Squirrels

Working from home offers some unusual benefits over the office environment. Staying in your pajamas is an obvious one, unlimited access to snacks is another. But my favorite is looking out the window. Who knows what might be happening at any given moment? From my desk, I can look to the left and see Queen Street. Someone could walk by naked and I'd think, not him again. If I look to the right, I see the backyard. I don't often look to the right, there's nothing going on in the backyard.

Today, I looked to the right, and this what I saw. A squirrel sitting on the chair, eating a Timbit. Unfortunately, the squirrel was spooked by my pajamas as I approached, and I wasn't able to capture exactly what I saw. A moment earlier it was happily nibbling and twirling the Timbit like a giant nut. I was pretty hungry at the time, and briefly considered an attempt on the Timbit. Reality set in when it jumped to the fence and disappeared in a burst of sugar induced acrobatics.

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