Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Taste

K & I went to the Taste of Chicago 2 Fridays ago during our lunch hour on the very FIRST day of the Taste.  The BEST time to go.  Though it is over now, it is a summer highlight. You can taste the amazing food from all around this city.  Unfortunately, I do not have an image of the delicious Mustard Fried Catfish from BJ's Market, I was too hungry to put down my favorite meal on the South Side of Chicago to take a picture of's still hands down the best Catfish I've ever had. Anyway, the Taste of Chicago is huge and worthwhile.  K & I wandered around and dined on the "Taste" portions...smaller than the normally priced portions and just enough so you can make your lunch hour into a long buffet of a variety of food.  K dined on Star of Siam's tempura vegetables and another vendor had an amazing Key Lime Pie slice (served with sporks!)...the "tiny" Taste portion we dined on as we walked to South Michigan Avenue for our taxi cab back to work.  

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