Monday, July 14, 2008

Brunch @ Jane's

Saturday morning-ish Kelly, Tyllie and I met up at Jane's in Bucktown.  Such a great spot. It recently expanded taking over the old Leopard Lounge space that used to be next door. Be sure to check out the new and old space pictures on their site.  Since we all arrived at various times we each started with a warm scone (raspberry, blueberry and apricot) with Jane's honey butter on the side. We ate those too fast for a photo-op.  For the main course, I had the Eggs Benedict, Kelly had the Salmon over an egg and potatoes with a side of sausage (there was a sauce that came with the salmon but she asked for it not to be included) and Tyllie had the Breakfast Burrito with a side of crispy bacon.  Her photograph turned out the best...probably because she's a professional photographer.

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