Sunday, July 27, 2008


{Carlo posting about Gina restaurant}

In the heart of it all, yet away from it all, is my favourite Roman woman: Honest Gina. If you want a little break from those annoying tourists who don't know their way around and look like they're getting ready to climb Mt. Everest with their fanny packs and sandals, then head over for a refreshing and light lunch. Gina makes tasty salads and offers seasonal fruit and good ice cream. This place is full of Roman business people talking about set design, fashion shows and their favourite matriciana, so in other words, Roman urban hipsters. Next time you're near the Spanish Steps, definitely check it out. The two salads we had were: tuna with hard boiled egg, and apple, walnut and goat cheese. For dessert, seasonal fruit- one with ice cream and the other with yogurt.