Sunday, April 13, 2008

They think I'm Mexican

Things not to do on a Sunday : Getting up at 4am, booking a 7am flight out of anywhere, fly to the USA from Pearson, stay in SunnyVale, CA instead of San Francisco.

Things that are starting to rebalance the day : Having an authentic
Mexican lunch at Cabritos (very delicious Poblano enchillada), an enchillada on the menu called "Suisa" ... as in "Sweden"....., drinking an authentic lunch Marguarita, and an authentic lovely American-poured vodka and a side of o/j. . All this value before 1pm PST.

Key learnings : In the USA, when seeking your best alcoholic value, ask for a side of vodka on the rocks and a side of o/j, somehow Americans are trained to fill up the glass. For more good times ask for no ice.

All in all, so far, a nice little Sunday.

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