Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yeti Burger

Once upon a time there was "The Burger", apparently made by a visiting nomadic chef at La Caille on Queen street like 13 years ago. He had a secret burger recipe that was soo good, we've been talking about it since. It WAS the Yeti Burger. Mike really wants to hear about The Burger. While drinking a nice triple vodka/oj, I made a nice one tonight, not nearly close to its Yeti legend cousin, but it was juicy and has a secret. Take your minced beef add finely chopped red onions, an egg, a handful of bread crumbs, tsp of coriander seeds, pinch of cumin seeds crushed, and heaping tsp of dijon mustard, salt and pepper. Mix it up, and the secret? Make baseball sphere shapes and bake them on 450 for 25 minutes. Then put on toasted bun and squish. the baseball shape baking is the key - makes it all fall-apart-y, crispy, and tender. Very fuckin close to the Yeti Burger.

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Anonymous said...

Coriander is a bold choice. Kudos and bon ape tit.