Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bar food at home

You know how on every episode of  a Nigella (Lawson, like you needed to ask!) show, she sneaks down in the middle of the night to have a bite of some delectable leftover in her fridge? This calamari could be that midnight snack for me; I guess I over-estimated how much two people could eat. Crispy, light, and so easy to make, the batter is just cornstarch, semolina and Old Bay seasoning (paprika, if you can't find Old Bay) sizzled to perfection in grapeseed oil but peanut oil's also a good option. Tonight we had it with garlic mayo for dipping, edamame and Beau's, an organic local beer I picked up while visiting friends in Ottawa last weekend. Happy hour at home!


Broccoli said...

I'm still in for a deep-fryer timeshare! Let me know!

Lois Kim said...

Me too! I'm serious. Tell me if you want me to go get us one. I take very good care of my belongings so you can have faith in your timeshare partner.