Friday, June 27, 2008

Yagihashi & Bayless

The weather was pretty warm in Chicago yesterday.  So K and I decided it was worth the walk from our office in River North to the Loop to Marshall Field''s on State Street to dine at the Seven on State Street food court.  Living in Chicago we are fortunate to have some amazing restaurants and chefs here. Many of those chefs have 4 star-pricey-amazing restaurants.  But two of those chefs, Takashi Yagihashi and Rick Bayless have blessed us with "quick-serve" options for those of us on a budget so you can have a deeelicious experience of their culinary cuisine without spending all of your gas money.  K dined on Noodles by Takashi. She had the Chicken Fried Rice with a side of Shrimp Spring Rolls.  And I had my "usual" the Taqueria Salad with Grilled Steak (only $6.95!) and Raspberry and Prickly Pear LimeAde.  If Frontera Fresca was closer, I would have that salad EVERY day!  

Stay tuned for potential posts from:  Taste of Chicago, HUB51 and Sweet Mandy B's.  No, I never go home.  

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