Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Orange Crush

This past Sunday I met up with Nidhi and Martina at Orange at Grand & Milwaukee for a noon-ish brunch. Orange has a few locations around the city, but this one was a good halfway point for all of us and our respective neighborhoods of: West Loop, West Town and the Gold Coast.

We ordered a round of Frushi to share. Frushi is fresh fruit, in-season, made into sushi rolls or pieces. YUM. I chose for my entree, the not pictured, Omelet #4. For me it was a nod to Kauai; with roasted ham, pineapple and swiss cheese and toasted coconut flakes sprinkled on top. Martina had the Chai Tea French Toast and Nidhi had the pancake flight.

The theme to the pancake flights changes weekly. This week's theme was honey and included these four (descriptions taken from their table menu): Lemon Thyme (blueberry buttermilk pancakes with lemon-thyme honey and whipped cream, garnished with ground pecans), Granola (almond buttermilk pancakes topped with mango-honey mousse and home made granola, Bacon (honey butter on buttermilk bacon pancakes drizzled with pecan syrup and garnished with powdered sugar) and Strawberry Banana (strawberries inside buttermilk cakes, topped with slices of banana honey-cottage cheese whipped cream and oven toasted walnuts).

My next visit to Orange I will try either the pancake flight of the week or the French Toast Kabob! What will you have?!

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