Sunday, September 20, 2009

Gilead Café. It was all about the cheeseburger.

Saturday morning brunch catching up with Broccoli and Fusilli before they take off to Chicago next weekend. They turned us onto this special cheeseburger, which didn't disappoint in the least. This was the first time ever that I ate a burger with a tomato slice. Usually when I see those sad little whitish pink tomato slices, it makes me want to barf. But this tomato was calling out to me, so luscious and bright bright red. The crispy fries with apple cider mayo were the perfect friend to my cheeseburger. In fact, everyone at the table at cheeseburgers that morning! Good friends + good burgers = a very nice start to the weekend.


Broccoli said...

It's my favorite breakfast burger ever!

I love the "aftermath" picture... it was a take no prisoners event.

Lois Kim said...

And guess whose completely clean plate that is to the right?? hahaha!