Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another Summer in Chicago...this Time with a List

And so it begins...another summer in Chicago. Though it's still chilly today, at least it's sunny. Somehow with the sun, the food and drinks in this town taste so much better. I've been hanging out with friends the last few days and we've been talking about new places to try now that summer is here. We seem to get into a food rut and get complacent about where we all go. We tend to always spend at least one of the weekend nights at D4 or Default as I've grown to call it. I love's got great food AND great cocktails and it's a big space for the city. But it's always good to try something new and explore. So, I've decided to make a list of spots to either visit for the first time or visit again and try another menu...say, brunch vs. dinner.

1. Maude's Liquor Bar (West Loop...always, always packed...)
2. Doughnut Vault (River North...though, really should I stand in line for 2 hours for a donut?)
3. GT Fish & Oyster (River North...I need to make friends in Chicago that love seafood as much as I do for this dinner.)
4. C-View (Streeterville...Marcus Samuelsson's C-House Restaurant lives on the bottom floor of the Affinia Hotel, but the rooftop bar C-View is the last on my list of rooftop bars to try in the city.)
5. Urban Belly (Avondale...New in 2009...but still have not made it west to try it out.)
6. Hot Chocolate (Bucktown...This is one of those spots I've had dinner and dessert many times, but have always wanted to try the brunch.)
7. Sunda (River North...This spot has been open for awhile...but have never gone.)
8. Bistro Campagne (Lincoln Square...Opened in 2002...French bistro...yum.)
9. Hot Doug's (Avondale...I would be in big trouble from my blogmates if I left this off the list.)
10. The Bristol (Bucktown...I've had dinner there a few times, but never the brunch.)

*Photo from last summer on the patio of The Purple Pig...probably my #11 to go back and enjoy.

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