Sunday, July 18, 2010

Eat Drink Chicago

Chicago is a great city. Spending a long weekend with Cupcake, eating and drinking our way across town, was as much fun as the last time we did it.

Above: We got major props from the bartender at Frontera Grill when we ordered guacamole and a round of margaritas for dessert. That's how we roll. Holla!

When we arrived, Cupcake took us to a great spot across the street from our hotel called The Purple Pig. Double bonus—we sat next to five local chefs who were on a food tour... we quickly made some new friends. They insisted we share their wine and snacks. By the end we'd sampled the entire menu and only had to order a few dishes of our own. This one was awesome—fava beans, egg and crispy pancetta.

Grilled bread and chicken liver pate with crispy sage leaves.

This one was awesome! Chopped pig's ear with crispy kale, pickled cherry peppers and fried egg. Spicy!

Fresh strawberry soft serve with balsamic drizzle. You know you want it!

A spicy breakfast at Xoco, another Rick Bayless spot. A bit too much bread for my taste, so I just grabbed a fork and enjoyed the filling of this chorizo-egg torta.

Grilled fish at Frontera Grill.

The favorite stop of the weekend—Big Star Taco! We were too tired to walk around in the heat shopping so we camped at the bar for the afternoon sampling tacos, guacamole, beer and tasty Mexican Coke (cane sugar instead of nasty corn syrup). It goes really well with $3 whisky shots. Big Star, I love you... let's make it work... even if it's a long-distance thing.

Partied out and relaxing before heading to the airport. We headed back to The Purple Pig to relax on their outdoor patio. Grilled bread with whipped feta and cucumber. So good!

Purple Pig's house made sausage with kale and grapes.

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Cupcake said...

"Big Star, I love you... let's make it work... even if it's a long-distance thing." line ever.

Plus, I love to call Mexican Coke, "Mexicoke!"